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Jessie Roberts
Justin Taylor

Weekdays 5am - 9am

Eric Petersen

Birthday: May 4th

Hometown: Dalton, Pa.

1) I was signed to not one but two recording contracts (A&M and BMG Music) as a lead singer and song writer.

2) I worked briefly as a commerical actor for Dovetail Entertainment in New York City.

3) I have a sad and real obsession with the life and music of Billy Joel.

4) My first car was a 1969 Pontiac Firebird that my father bought for $500.00 (and I still have it)

5) I have no hair on the outside of each of my calves due to a bizarre bar tending incident.

Weekdays 5am - 9am


Birthdate: February 21st

Hometown: Philly (but to REAL Philadelphians, I'm more a "Philly 'Burbanite"!!)

5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me:

1) As tidy as you may think I am, I have one room in my house NO ONE DARES enter.  It's my "dirty-little secret", a.k.a, "I give up cleaning", a.k.a "I'm so ashamed" room :- b.  

You can barely walk into it.  It's sooo cluttered, I once lost Fozzie Bear in there.  I was tripping and falling on boxes trying to get him out, and he just meowed and jumped from pile to pile like it was a game.

2) I have one sibling:  my sister Janine, who's 10 years younger than me.   The age gap was all planned; not a "whoops" parents were clever at preparing me to be the built-in, cost-free babysitter.  But over the years, that gap seemed to narrow, and many times I think my sis is more mature than me :-)  She's a cool chick who's preparing to become a Rabbi...never thought I'd use "cool chick" and "Rabbi" in the same breath, but there you have it:  that's my sis!

3) I'm kinda obsessed with watching the news.  My weekday evenings are off-kilter if I don't catch Charles Gibson on World News signing off...I always say "good night, Charlie" back to him :-b

4) One of these days I will take up rock-climbing, sky-diving, or some really intense hobby.  Until then, I'll stick to sleep.  I wish it could be a legit hobby.  I'm so good at it, I could do it standing up.  Ironically, it's probably because I don't get enough!

5) Some people sing in the shower, I talk in shower.  To myself.  Yeah.  This is a weird confession, because I wasn't fully conscious of it until I heard Voiceguy (Ethan) shout from the other room, "WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO?!" ...and he still married me!


Weekdays 9am - 2pm

Jessie Roberts

Birthdate: 5/19

Hometown: Plains, PA

1) I Zumba (Latin dance workout) with my best friend every Monday night. It’s a great workout but considering I have no rhythm, more of a social activity.

2) My bad habits include cursing, texting while driving and not being able to pass up a sale at Victoria’s Secret.

3) I revise my “Fantasy Boy Draft” on a regular basis. The current list includes Gary Allan, Zach Braff, Dierks Bentley, Vince Vaughn and Phil Vassar.

4) I would be star struck if I met Dr. Phil!

5) I ran for class president junior year of high school and wore a homemade tee shirt that said “Where’s Jessie?” with a picture of “Where’s Waldo?” on the front. The back said, “Always here for you…” I lost with (not by!) 7 votes. I ran again senior year. I lost with 9 votes. HA!



Weekdays 2pm - 7pm


Birthday: April 19

Hometown: Wyoming, PA

1) I'm obsessed with professional wrestling; Hulk Hogan is my favorite.

2) I have a collection of empty soda cans on top of my desk. Yes, I collect soda cans.

3) I lived in West Virginia for six years.

4) My dream car is a Delorean (the Back to the Future car)

5) I want to start a collection of bobble heads. Currently I have two (two Iron Maiden Eddie's) and just recently, lost in a bidding war for my own Hulk Hogan bobblehead.



Weekdays 7pm - 12am

Justin Taylor

Hometown: Star City, West Virginia

1. I have a strange addiction to smelling my dogs paws! They smell just like corn chips! If you have a dog, try it for yourself!

2. Kenny Chesney once slapped me on the butt!

3. I attended 3 Garth Brook's concerts in 5 days and was able to get the guitar off his back!

4. I make the world's best kettle corn as a side business.

5. I once beat a dog in a competitive hot dog eating competition!




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