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What Were Eric and Selena Talking About?

Amazing what a lil photo shopping can do! 

Here's Mr Chippendale February ... dressed. Thanks for *both* birthday gifts Eric! ~Selena

Harlem Globetrotters visit!

Buckets Blakes makes Selena a pro!
Check out The Harlem Globetrotters at Mohegan Sun Arena, Feb 22!


Your traffic reporter Rockin the sweeeeet mull-et!!!!

Eric gets WAXED!!

One last "RIP" before Eric's wedding! Selena gets in on waxing Eric's back so he's manscaped for the bride!  Best Wishes, Eric & Erika

Who is Today's BEST SEAT of the Wake Up Call?

8a hour listen for Eric & Selena for your chance to win  GUITARS & STARS BEST SEAT IN THE HOUSE --- the COUCH on the STAGE!!

Call Eric&Selena @ 1-800-570-1013 with Today's Best Seat:


Get your Hens outta Pringle...

It's a chicken fight in Pringle, Luzerne County! Should the chicken be able to stay? WNEP's story:

Who's getting the Bucket 'O Harford Fair Sawdust?!

The Wake Up Call's "ALS Ice Bucket/ Harford Fair Sawdust Bucket Challenge"
You get to choose who get soaked by a bucket full of ice water... and who gets a bucket of "used" Harford Fair sawdust! Vote for Eric or Selena... the final results will be announced and the buckets dumped Friday at 8:45!!!
Here's the link!

Let's Eat at the Funeral!

Local funeral homes are trying to lift the food service ban during funerals in PA.

Selena wonders how a pierogie bar next to Grandma's head is an extention of comfort...Eric would pick the funeral buffet over the free hot dogs at the strip joint any day!

Here's the scoop:

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