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Posts from February 2014

I'm asking for help with this weather....

And now a moment between God and I:

Dear God... it’s me, Eric. I need to ask if you can help with something.

We here in NEPA have been a reasonably good bunch of folks and Erika, Piper and I have been on the upper end of the “well behaved” scale this past year, so I hope that can leverage us a little influence in the miracle granting department.

Last week there was so much ice and snow built up on the back deck of the house that I had a puddle of water seeping into the carpeting of the new addition! It was so thick that I had to use a shovel to chip a hole into it to allow the draining water somewhere to go!

My hands are cracking with the cold conditions, I have fallen twice (that never happened in a season) and my oil bill is historic, not to mention that we did in fact break a 100 year old snowfall record for the month of February!  
I ask on behalf of the thousands of people that feel as “winter weary” as I do for mercy! Please God make it stop!

I want to wash the car without any fear of the doors freezing by morning, I want to consider shorts as comfortable option for work, I need the warming glow an inexplicably giant ball of fire that will provide me with a tan by June for more than 24 hours!  

Please God have mercy… and push spring toward us!

Well Lord, that’s it for today; say hi to mom & dad, thanks for the Eagles latest free agent signings and thanks for the latest SI swimsuit issue… it’s pretty awesome.

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I'm looking to get back into the video world!

I have recently feel in love with an old hobby.  Creating and editing movies!   Now, my movies were not always great.... at all, but it loved to do it.  And now I have purchased a ton of video camrea things, and I'm hoping to make a documentary!  Yes a documentary.  I have has this idea in my head for a long time, and I may actaully make the movie!   I can't give details on it, but its about a local legend!  Stay tuned! 
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Will Ferrell teaches kids about eating right and exercise...

Will Ferrell is the best!

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Eating snow is instinctual

How do kids know to eat snow?  I kept trying to grab a pic with my 2 yr old son, Cole, in the snow, but he was too busy having dessert!  He's pretty good about not sticking random things in his mouth, so I was curious how he knew to pick upwhat's on the ground and eat it.
Thank goodness it wasn't "lemon" ices!! 
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You never know the friends you'll make... or where you''l meet!

During the storm that lasted from Thursday morning through Friday morning Erika and I stopped in at the Mexican restaurant at the mall for a bite. Sadly the kitchen was closed, but luckily the bar was open and the thought of a margarita with their amazing chips & salsa was too much to pass up, even if it were in the midst of a blizzard.

At the bar sat 3 guys who looked (honestly) work weary and tired from the weather. Heavy snow is exhausting, even if you only just sit and look at it accumulate for too long, and these guys had that look. They were friendly and surprisingly chatty to spite their burnt out appearance, so we sat at a table close to them (it was only the 5 of us in the place), and started into a conversation.

We shortly found out that Mike, Jason and Jose were the drivers of the plow trucks in the parking lot of the restaurant, and that they had been clearing the roads for 13+ hours prior to settling in for a break. They also were Wake Up Call fans… that scored them a few bonus points.

It’s not often that you get the chance to see the other side of a storms challenges, like from the driver’s seat of a plow truck, but in talking to these guys it was easy to see how difficult we drivers make it for the people who’s job it is to clear the roads for us to safely accomplish that task.

By the time we left (all together) the salsa was warm as was the margaritas and the snow had started again but the feeling we all had was somehow different. It was fun to meet new people, and do it in a deserted ice bound place that should’ve closed hours prior, and it was enlightening to hear the stories from “the other side of the plow”. Thanks for the perspective, and for the laughs, and for a random and unexpectedly cool night guys. I’ll stay clear of you while you work… and I’ll talk to you in the morning!
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