Your WWE impersonations!

Monday, April 10th

Checkout these wrestlimg impersonations for WWE Raw tickets.  Who was the best? 


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Hey guys it's Crockett no last week I WWE raw tickets on my show to give way and I made you go jump through supposed we're talking wrestling impersonation. Here's a recap what you missed. Daley call you again and do a wrestling impersonation of. Why are you a question about why they actually great round great great strategy. Yeah. Can I get a call it Mickey who want to treat it kitty cat tiger or. Yeah yeah. Justin who are you gonna impersonate ought to get all their regional use of food and water. If I don't get broad picture of America down there before he boards like dogs are gonna run more of argue broader. Michelle. Who are you going to be impersonating. About the and you can. So just who didn't. And Robbins who are you going to be impersonating. I would have to do and so my name and praying and I like certain pride yeah and I'll bite size and it still had come play here and fitness big blasts Fannie. Well you can and Keith Matt drama blue. I don't know. And who are you going to give me wrestling a person nation quite a bit erode our trip to grant. Limited development boy or girl who voted to that we would be generated net while the present new. The credit card hurt he's happy to hold. Our fifth different feel better ability darn good dude. Outlaw.