Trent Harmon joined the show!

Wednesday, April 19th

Trent Harmon stopped by Crockett's show live at the FM Kirby center for Guitars and Stars! 


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Crockett here with Trent arm and somehow you and I have never crossed paths we we ethernet out second you came up he says Ivan that you said where we spoke still. And apparently you're in the station you've met in turn here you met everybody but myself I think you were on the year I really do it would make sense at the cast on YouTube last season and they know it makes sense that it's like it was like a gnome like and I'll be back and CA here your rate for guitars are yes sir I am and we had good flighty and with good weather. It's going to be vision a table when you're warming up you had those jalapeno and sounds of the guitar mine area Marty Robbins almost on a way back there my. Now some people may not notice about you but your parents they still own straight from the farm. Where's that there man. How does that work exactly I read this all item in it. Abbie we I grew all the produce on our armed OK and on and it is and you communities brother and exodus. Isn't so you just take race. They're there are not just we'll read Overton. The C girl wait. Farmland. And then you became at some sort of an actor cracked yeah I mean it was. It was kind of escapism from the army is what's the furthest thing from the united. You know on stage seeing that people what was your what was your favorite Roy ever had. I clicked on the spot here westside story. I was atlas really whatever the show how I didn't super and Juliet because it was nice to see these shows it would island time OK try to use were you a gentleman or shark I was is it. Mean your jet. You're tittle the last drive and I try to do I try to do Oklahoman was that's not easy I didn't. I didn't do it when and as I try to do too much not think all the prime was in Oklahoma as well there is a shell on YouTube of him in high schooler colleges of the big keys that would Oklahoma through. Elect to compare the two of them. And it is tough you both of those so when did you decide you know what I don't want to acting I wanna do country music I'm. Ortiz and a lack I still do both and Lily yeah I mean it it you know like if I'm I'm somewhere to town and make them come check out a few we we you know. Might you it just add that part eight. I'll do it I took here minor as my degree heat itself so I mean you and I may may just start open and we we might just have open Mike tonight we might just doing what's it called look how good it is and probably help him product and come out and improper things go wrong this shirt out he had yet there we go. So what can expect tonight it's we're gonna do a couple of new tunes that we had not gained a whole lot on our own. In Nashville this just this year OK though. We yet we've we've been trying to mount a few a few different small pieces of the surfers I would say you know quote unquote. Big name show you know death with with. Artists of their artisan Greg. We've just been tuned you know. Shows on as alive as Chinese who have is that bottom and so again it'd be next we're gonna do in the night for really the first time so they go this is a big deal for tonight is L exclusive item the reportage of along now work or look before two or almost sold out big banks are selling. It's our stars yet FM Kirby says you can hear your new single there's a barrel on Friday when what they are what's personally about Michelle thank you man.