Thursday, October 27th


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The other day big fire in Scranton whose family lost everything and on the photos is vegan who's the principal at Willard elementary school and them big and tell us about the kids. Treat their children Aaron task. School. Kids they betray your preschool students afford a preschool student and also first grader. One Anderson in the family lost everything in the fire they get. All of Serbia on what's the school doing so far would you guys gonna tribunal while it. The few things stand we have spaghetti dinner this Saturday at the film period two on March prince street are gonna. Do bunch of different rattles people talk about less that they Alec come true for us. We're collecting gift cards it's handling in monetary donations just because at this time obviously there homeless and staying with a friend they don't have a home yet to. Store all of what they've been marked. Are you guys collecting clothes also. We are we trying to get into the family that I don't want and a mandate them to much.