Non Buyers Regret!

Tuesday, May 2nd

A lot of people suffer from Buyer's Remorse, However; I suffer from the opposite, Non Buyer's Remorse.  I can't be the only one who suffers from this.  What is Non Buyer's Remorse?  Listen and I'll explain below! 


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A lot of people suffer from buyer's remorse where they buy something and then they at least they think about the colossal waste the money line I do I suffer from the opposite. Non buyer's remorse in fact I'm suffering from it right now. So I'm talking about this have been kind of building a pinball machine in my basement but I can computer driven once right meet. And a guy out here Allentown list book selling but I need an anti Limbaugh cabinet so I don't need anything and I just need. This skeleton in the body of the pinball machine and a guy was selling not only was he selling. A pinball cabinet with nothing in it but it was my it's my favorite pinball Jeanne till it was perfect and he only won it 25 bucks for reached out to a guy. And I said hey man is this bill would suggest he's here's the thing though you gotta you gotta pick up by in the clock than going out town next weekend so. Instead of just waking up thing going for ice and now you know what I don't need it. Now all about great my screen I need to cabinet and I can't find one that guy since deleted the post. And the texting and.