Wednesday, April 19th

During Guitars and Stars at the FM Kirby Center, Kane Brown took some time out of his day to join the show! 


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Rocket here. With Vista came brown and you can you bring some excitement to the show tonight. Even though it goes bringing in a good honest count us don't know if it's unbelievable no one sends me a message don't FaceBook they finite your comment. Thousands of messages people come from Pittsburgh all over the place. That I got a loyal fan base that is like my in my family. It's it's it's incredible because you start off just kind of doing your own viral thing. And they caught on. And then they what you ever to room you were supposed they want you to be in a boy band. You know look for the boy band. This you know I'll figure it I was gonna do and I'm on it and you know whatever happened got at Atlanta or not I've read also let you won a talent show in high school. And you say Chris Young get you home yeah nothing New Year's. Though that kind of reared on an the drama class Poland and homeowners try out there on the shock and really it and then it's even that your city just act as well. That in my elementary school I was tree. Not Oakland I was I was like 000 we like you know we are okay and and also a rapper. I could have some say you are the best lead of multi hit it basically live your plaque up on the elementary school McCain ground best week. But say you've got to single out what it's it's a big hit here in northeast PA like I said you've got a massive fan base in the series it's unbelievable like nothing I've ever seen the fact is our fastest selling. It's our stars ever and I think you're a big part of that. Would be awesome mom Gladys it almost sold out in it or very close this on a we they sell out tonight as well you know obviously have to come out now listen. Who is your inspirations in music. You know on the card either by a fillet every artist and gain these record John has something to offer people could take away from the Mayer film and it's a study and what to expect tonight. Mean you can expect this we've got one code for the yeah some of the songs like these movies so current and as their best stuff obviously says it can't happen now we got films got here and they advised term harm than we fun we'll look forward to it thanks much for sleep by the shelves as revenue.