It's not what it looks like!

Thursday, May 4th

It all by chance!   I know no one is going to believe me, but thats my story! 


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Telling me. Right after. Coming out strong saying. It's now when it looks like here people it's not and I know none of you gonna believe me but let me speak to my face before you jump down my throat. This weekend's cinco de mile. We're supposed to announce my friend Jess is house just at the beach speaks to go the mile party we've known about it for about a year now to our myself my buddy Zach we're all supposed to go to. Also this weekend. Is confessed the pinball flexible comes once years beyond Telfair. We really want to go to confessed before we already made plans. I have tar including the plays like he canceled plans to last weekend. My body had tickets to the baseball game he brought his wife. And I asked Tarzan do wanna go to baseball games sack ought to do school I really wanna go. The message don't worry I sit next week we got sick of the miles east to get out how she's like okay you know it yet don't go it go without me okay good title without her. It's just by chance. Good fortune would have it they just called and I can't listen to the mild party hacks to be canceled. I'm my sister's going to Ireland. And my mother wants to celebrate Mother's Day with. Plus two was so we have to reschedule seated to my party. Perfect perfect for me because now means that we can go to him fast. I textile said he. Think it must been rescheduled as a mortal and picked us now mile buddy's second. And then realize that there is detects that it sounds. Like I have made this story out there. It's that I convince her not to come to baseball games like golf watch baseball with my friends and then also and just by chance the party was canceled. Tell ya I play and none of it. I'm playing your bit and you may be simple cramped just don't go to princess are you out your mind.