DOCWARD ADVICE: Is there a spark with my electrician?

Tuesday, July 11th

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We call segment operated visors where I Jesse throws a scenario out to me and I do my best because it's probably the right answer to tell you my opinion how properly handled. Right answer by the way you can solicit for your doctored advice right now docket -- even Alan dot com so this on his right to the point I think I electrician has the hots for me I recently had my kitchen and master bedroom and remodeled the workers chuckle over my house attention a lot of them during the three months that they weren't there weren't has wrapped up however the electrician keeps making excuses. To come back for repeat visits he left some tools he needs checks on wiring Annie gets a little slow thirty when he is in the house with me when my husband is an around my husband's around it's a different stories or do I tell my electrician to back gospel. I would think to your saying that because I didn't realize you were married up until that point yeah I think he's trying to get with you in I don't mean about near fixing your electricity hang in there and stuff like that. Maybe he's trying and see if yes. No no you know you're on your I didn't. We're rolling my eyes when it appeared to have what you put yourself. In the same situation say your home and you know you and John happily well here and John married and dialing Mary I know they happily married and then Nam you know you got somebody coming to repair the house to keep showing up and afternoon job is done and they keep wanting to come back. Working on the contrary even so handsome and play lots can't burn and I think was maybe using kept her as an excuse alike you know kind of come in the house and chat and whenever and obviously I never at that level but I think flirtation as a nice form of lottery. I did too but I think I think with this particular story with the one year you're talking about the electrician if the guy keeps coming back the job is done and now it's like I left this apparent left that there'll be secretary things good but doesn't act that way when the husband's around he's definitely he's trying to get to that when I say that I mean meet compliment and probably take around to a movie and -- Got it in here looking for soccer to advise stock up front you and Alan dot com.