DOCWARD ADVICE: Can I Date My Dentist?

Tuesday, May 9th

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It's another doc heard advice Tuesday that we have here so why you pretty scenario may be an email somebody sent enough I'll give you the right way things should be hand. People concerned email stock fraud and comic that one we'd gotten from mr. mission cents I think she's using a code name because she says a year ago opposite to you and the 56 year old woman and short irons and I haven't visited the dentist in years so I was nervous I went to a local college where they do you live free or low priced dental. Then the worst part was I became a trip to. Just who's probably has. She goes on to say that her ex husband is a doctor and she knows that this is not permitted. But she can't stop. Think it show question number one but he finished the tooth now finished its. Eyewitness News screwed up our Jessica tears are you looking good yeah she's fifty something he's 29 at the 62 on in there. So you know me I I don't have a problem that'll a bigger waited mission but how does she seduced him. I would slip into something. Very you know comfortable yet sexy and and you end the other teeth in your mouth get up there and and invite the guy out may be pretty for drink I just think it's inappropriate like you are probably age. Well I just. Kid is he running nine years old but he's OK he's what he's not he's an adult OK but this is his job. Right but she seems like a make good on them democracy can tell you is now and then you move on and find another guy she's getting good cheap laughs. It's very talented or don't what are they hit it off what about the French president whose wife is 64 and he's 39 it's kind of the same difference right there Michelle you've got to do it honey you get back to us Aaron eighteenth and awkward and nice email us stock up front even Alan dot com.