DOC SHOW AUDIO: Seperate Weekends

Monday, July 10th

Doc's wife Michele had a girls weekend in Philly. Doc drove 3 hours in the opposite direction for a family barbeque. Who had a better time?


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In our family everybody went different ways Freddie do you think if that's really the way you would like to see things around. I'm Michelle took off left me here. And then I took off and went the other way and you know sometimes you just got to do your own thing that she allowed NN day and your more productive that way. It's hard for me to always travel in a patch. So lomb. Coming in view. I enjoyed my time actually went through my sister's house of near Poughkeepsie excellent. From what I enjoyed about it was the right along for. Right not so much just post an update us on that don't throw away but now you're like yeah lovely but I enjoyed Luther and it's like a three hour I. Screening for a judge to sit there and I just like relax and as an awesome. Tim Pawlenty I. I had a great time without you as well yeah. That's absolutely wonderful it took my friends are we getting girls weekend down in Chile and it was pretty awesome whoo yeah. The other girls we went to go out and do our dance and sing yeah. We did that in just tell machines like what do you do when you're down area and that's like I don't really like girls can go on go dancing you don't see two guys basically do I guess its merits because these guys are. Arizona did to go I don't know. Sure thing about their work. But some so I don't know it's it's nice to have via a weekend away see what you need to do you need to do a guy tonight I'm. Terrorism guys that are paying. But we got to put parameters on match. Saying if you had a few problems I can show you the ropes Dodd didn't even know that we're tremors means I now know what does it it's probably some big fancy college student teacher word. So let's let's change this time they should do it guys night. With our children. Is there aren't there twenties now now that anywhere else find him a thumbs up there probably say it just highway to get. And now and then and this is going to be so fluent.