DOC SHOW AUDIO: Michele's Emoji Fight

Tuesday, July 11th

Doc's wife Michele was sending upset texts using emojis.


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So last night actually yesterday afternoon Michelle's look no way does tell retired after day working. Going through the mail and she sees bill that are younger guy Sean has not paid for. Producers out there I guess John King you mean that you guys didn't pay for and that's why didn't get paid. This is the one he agreed to OK okay but now he's running behind on paying it so what does she do you know he's working at that point so she Texan. John very upset with you because this bill is combative you tell me take care ready keeps going back to not pay for it. He writes I got this don't worry mom which gets her. And a plan so now she's texting back you're telling is every time probably at and then she's like so frustrations looking for in a mode she. Watch to show how upset she gets on now and I'm like you're doing and she goes on I want him and elements that I have so what do you have a tear in a dire right. We went to the possibilities. Padilla found I learned something yesterday and and maybe you do this to do you familiar with this coaching. So tonight we're sister and my news events have been no here's where you create. A cartoon version of yourself you know you give the characteristic you know what you sort of look like her by the way looks like a little old lady doesn't really look as you know I don't know hand it. No but then she started sending these things on fury though it's got flames going up behind her and there is. The other Israeli you are making this text conversations you've seen now ripe old men and he sends one back and these are no laughing matter with his. Did OK Reynolds photo and it's just like yeah like you guys missed the whole point I mean you could replace him in the face the other over whether Jennings let that go on Friday. But do you ever do that you forget that was somebody then you throw and emerge you think you never know. I wish my dad Texan now because I mean a lot easier to get in arguments of my dad when we're texting but. And that's haxor prettier taxer yeah heavy duty unfortunately now junior wife have a disagreement here to tell I zarrella now. No mode gee I spell out how we do some taxi and then you spell out yes. Here good memories and they're not at all not that I don't know how it. Roles in your partners and that now he's seen it where do we know how you're really punchline talking about I'm talking tough because my wife's cell work and she's not listening right now. How do you know that told radio show within our 730 is when you always look at the clock you're about to start looking at her because I need to know the way I'm. Graphic is. On top of my game I'm trying to follow through your schedule your hearsay so right now we got to accept that swings the big hammer that's how well she's obviously ten years or better as ever. Fat is status that would allow guests here. I'll be out here now. Stuff your wife is doing your own Brooke it's you aren't you Jack answered Turkey needs dictate dreary week. You know she needs to do she needs of our son right out of the house I would know about you should meet my kid one dad are lucky there on the defensive producer and I business. All right John pick the bill already have.