DOC SHOW AUDIO: Doc Busted at Smokey Bones

Thursday, July 6th

Doc was trying to grab a picture at Smokey Bones. The problem was it was in the Mens Room.


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Why 645 Friday yesterday would have less than we went out to dinner guest Tom Cruise around the sun was working late so Easter Bunny mean Walt's very so receptive smokey bones for dinner. There after dinner you know ahead. A couple of clubs so this so I use the restroom before we got to continue off. And in the urine all. In smokey bones and wilkes-barre Beers some of the unknown which would call Freddie but it's not just some of the Kobe urinal cake if something Minty thing going on. I don't wanna know what that is nobody's finally put that into it smells nicer in the bathroom why didn't call it cake. Hesitation. Flavor of what was that it shaped like a cake man I don't know who to me than you did in many men's room. Tammy you not had to I don't wanna know Anthony told OK here's appointed to win their and it's got I I'm assuming it's a plastic or rubber thing make big lay over that. Put it has been named del Deo and spelman and worked with a guy down in Philadelphia. I'm very amateurish you know. So. I pull up my phone and like the wanna get a picture an incentive to gun down there and say hey look I felt deal. Well as in my mirror and I got my phone. I'm off somebody opened the door yeah the loser. I don't so you jobs are pretty I never got the picture done a better life all I gotta look at that clip. Well yeah we don't do that guys in my mind. Italian crowd. About a lot of light that's great event I'll put it eight point else bring it closer. On the phone closer Bruce I was just trying to get my breath his name is Donna was just get a picture with the logo and your name and lenders to understand that makes it anybody this. My leg I don't think you diesel international affairs and drug problems anytime soon or any other part of his time. That is name on it I wanted to make volley you know as names and your own. Still rare to go back. I'm sorry I don't mean I think that's funny I think it's funny that you got caught then ten. And like you were taken a picture that's exactly what it looks like it looks like a ridiculous picture mode why itself personality myself my personality. 647. Struck me when I want. Time saver traffic. I am spears. I don't want you I want you. That story didn't die if you wouldn't say if it's a pretty mayor when you want to say to a particular. Eight in a men's room. I don't ever. Think Emmy winner in the men's room the last thing you get behind. Men's room and please us.