DOC SHOW AUDIO: All-Star Game...who cares?

Wednesday, July 12th

Following the MLB All-Star Game, we found out no one cares.


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Yes he's always asks instead what about the all star game last night hope and it would make sense that was played last night whether I had no idea John has an on for five minutes I started to doze off. For the two teams in the I don't. Now. But you only it was twenty innings because they're longer it's on the American League vs the nationally. Okay and very important to one now I don't know is playing do you know differently in the nationally wait there in the meantime the team down. So for example the Yankees are in the American League the Phillies were nationally like it's all right I don't say anything can get baseball's exactly like shall fight right. All told say the economy right configuring I do I find I don't. Right right there broken up really try. Yeah. I know. Teams played on the same time played nobody that's what happened with two to one final score. Tend to run inning I don't think it's true. And yet they do care because that means American League baby home field advantage oh because. I wanna write on the floor right now. You're refer you get away with a lot of wheel then what the hell they planned to get.