Brett Young joins Crockett's Show!

Wednesday, April 19th

Brett Young was at the FM Kirby Center for Guitars and Stars, and stopped by Crockett's show to talk baseball, music and more! 


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It's Luke Bryan hunt efficient love and every day today's best country fraud even one I'm here with guitars and star starter Brett young look at the shelf item at united Russia were so tall he give that a lot I do get penalized at a one thing it can't take credit I got a cell that you may not know this. You're gonna be almost the pro baseball player and my right about that yet that's right I talked to in my senior has talked about galleries in the twins. I read that and I wasn't sure if that was right out of high school. So you like the high school prodigy yes there's a lot the rules are a lot different Iceland out of college and high school when you're you know 1718 of their loved called for the draft. To try to get a few fours they'd be pleased. Really and so both between the number is called middle my senior season highs and distancing is going to be enough money skipped college itself in a NASA and said he still you know throw the baseball around in between shows you know we throw the football lot. I haven't on the baseball that much lately. Current in ovals are right and it is healthy now but you know work to do that scar tissue and painful process have you got the fraught this ceremonial first pitch anywhere yet I haven't yet it's funny people keep asking for immunity anthem and we have massive first bits yeah so what have you done anything at least we yeah I got to do. Dodger Stadium last year than it is though possible field. Rarely make game who'll listed auditing on opening news now you just I think it was almost a year exactly you celebrate your first single that came out and now you're already on the set went got to deal while right so far it's been awhile right it's been a blast that was April 11 of last year but the theory and here you are now on your second single get ready to perform in for all of northeast PA is a big Chilean people from three hours away coming down seal them saw them and now last month he also celebrated a birthday right that's right what happened on American and crazy you know. I've ever actually fell on the first day of this Robert Bryce and Justin Moore also and so we played a show in. In Alabama and then actually mean via a song ideas him and wrote songs and more sides argued if you're avert that work them over I I I've hung out adjust and more and I know the guy can throw announcing crown Alice I thought maybe you guys got little. Tuned up and I wrote a song yet we Rhode asylum and we got a few breaks that every dollar in Florida but yeah for the most groups along and look at what to expect tonight from guitar stars in Britain the great lineup I'm really excited the year ago ample made rifles and and arm on the label. Big fan builds on camera as well so I'm excited I am journeys with the go and play you know the two singles and a couple of records as. Have a good time hang out the folks Brett young cannot wait doors opened at six shows are to settle we'll see that in the event they throw it.