Doc Medek


Who says you can’t go home? After working in mulitiple markets, and most recently Philadelphia, I was given the opportunity to return to Froggy 101. This is my third time with this company since arriving in NEPA in 1988 so, I must be doing something right.  

For those who don’t know, I grew up in “Da Bronx”. I started my radio career at 19 and worked mainly in the northeast. I met incredible people and made many friends along my journey in Long Branch, NJ, Middletown, NY, Dover, NJ, Charlottesvillle, Va., Salisbury, Md., Long Island, New York City and Philadelphia.  

In 1999, we started The Doc Show on Froggy 101 and we had a great 11 year run! In 2010, I left for my chance to join Andie Summers on the Doc & Andie Show on 92.5 XTU in Philly, but after 6 years, I knew it was time to come back to NEPA…why? I’ve had been driving back and forth to Philly a few times a week. My wife Michele resided in NEPA while I was in Philly and I wanted to wake up next to my love every morning. Our two sons are currently in Philly. Christian, works for a major commercial real estate company and Sean attends Temple University and wants to become a radio star!  

I’m excited about working with Jessie Roberts again and getting out to meet all of you over the next few years. I’m very involved with the Military, Police and Fire Departments, Red Cross, Salvation Army and many more charities. I’m always looking to help, just let me know.

Check us out weekday mornings on Froggy 101.

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