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Craig Campbell Q&A

Friday, September 8th
We were lucky enough to have Craig Campbell to stop by our pre show party before the Luke Bryan show at Montage Mountain! While he stopped by, I was able to...


Wednesday, August 30th
Crockett never fails to have a wild story, and this one's no different! What was making so much noise so last at night in front of his house? Listen and find...

Am I next!

Monday, July 3rd
My buddies neighbor gave him some grave news that has me thinking... "Am I next!?" Listen to the story below!

Non Buyers Regret!

Tuesday, May 2nd
A lot of people suffer from Buyer's Remorse, However; I suffer from the opposite, Non Buyer's Remorse. I can't be the only one who suffers from this. What is...

Me? A robe guy?

Tuesday, May 2nd
I always thought the idea of a robe was stupid. Why isn't a towel good enough? At the end of the day it's just more laundry to do. However; my second wedding...