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Writing About Yourself... A Lesson In Perspective.

Since I’ve been chosen to be a judge in an upcoming contest we are doing here at Froggy101, I was asked to write a bio of myself for the website as a promo tease… only to find out that writing your own bio is substantially tougher than it seems.

Try it, I’ll wait… take whatever writing instrument you favor and write about yourself, as a way to  inform others about your credentials for a job you’ve been assigned to do. IT’S TOUGH!
I mean I'm not Steven Tyler, or Randy Jackson for Gods sake, I'm Eric from Froggy who gets his picture taken with Scooby Doo and Sully, and on occasion "real stars" with real talent, so I knew I had my work cut out for me. I found myself trying to imagine what I would ask the morning DJ of a radio station if I were going to be judged by them... I took a few minutes to soul search through my past, and imagined what would be appropriate for a judge to have done, to have earned him enough street cred to validate him to the post of “talent judge”... I looked at other staff members bios (kinda like sitting next to the smart kid in class) so I could see what they’d written… in other words I blanked out, and was searching for any kind of inspiration.

After a long bout of writers block, and a brief conversation with God, inspiration came… here’s how my bio reads:

-Half of Froggy101s Wake Up Call, Eric was born and raised here in NEPA.
-A thirteen year veteran of the radio industry, he’s spent the past five years as a member of the Froggy staff!
-A former recording artist himself, Eric is currently working on plans to head back into the studio and begin work on a new project slated to be completed in late 2014.
-He is in general: handsome, talented, well versed in the culinary arts and architectural design, loves poetry, and plans to someday become an astronaut.

I think it reads well, don’t you?

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02/28/2013 12:30PM
Writing About Yourself... A Lesson In Perspective.
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