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Eric Petersen


Would you buy a MURSE?!!

I logged on to, as I usually do, and began reading an article only to wish I had not. I was awe struck by the article that was titled: Don’t laugh at the “man purse”!

Here’s an excerpt: All is not well in the luxury world…  New research confirms that the industry is in a bit of a slump. Global luxury sales are on track to grow only by 3% this year, the slowest rate in four years.
However, growth will pick up next year, driven by its strongest segment in recent years: accessories, specifically men’s accessories. The luxury goods industry has been “manning up” of late. A host of luxury brands are opening men’s only stores, tapping a less saturated market undergoing significant shifts in tastes.
But one of the hottest luxury items with global appeal is the men’s handbag—the “man bag,” “man purse,” or, simply, “murse“.


Apparently over the past five years the old source of my best jokes, men’s handbags have seen sales grow at nearly twice the rate of the overall luxury industry. The man-bag market in Asia has doubled since 2008, with murses in the Middle East growing by two-thirds over the same period. The global market for men’s luxury bags will reach just under, hold on:  $9 billion this year!!!
The idea of men sporting flashier purses is a possible trend that may happen too. “Years ago, your average man wouldn’t be caught dead walking down the street with a Mulberry bag,” but now apparently men’s bags have “become part of a gentleman’s outfit.”  
In fact industry experts expect sales of men’s handbags continue to grow faster than women’s purses in many parts of the world. In fact in Africa and the Middle East the sales of murses out number women’s handbag sales 61% to 40%!!!
Please people of America, I beg you: MAKE IT STOP!!! Please end the anguish now, and prevent us good old fashioned, red blooded, redneck, beef eating, back woods, American men from toting a satchel around to the mall, church, or our garage appointment.

What could be next, a salon appointment with the boys for MAN-icures?
A front row seat for just the guys to see the premier of the 50 Shades Of Grey movie?
A special murse party for the men only at work because you’ll need “one to match your new Carhartt jacket”?!

Consider yourselves warned! 

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11/01/2013 11:45AM
Would you buy a MURSE?!!
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