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Crockett Cast! Episode 2, Mike Whitey Walsh

Well it took long enough, but I finally was able to sit down, and get another podcast together!   I have decided to call it Crockett Cast!  I will bring anyone on that want to join, and today I was able to get my buddy Whitey on the show.  We talk all sorts of different topics, including, toilet paper, ghost stories, Goosebumps, abandoned cars, taco bell and more.  Kick back, relax, and enjoy!   Feel free to join in on the convo, and please, send questions comments, or anything else my way! 

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Kickin it with Crockett ep. 1! Aldean, Dierks, Toby, road stories, and more!

 Something new for all of you!  I'm a big fan of podcast, and have been wanting to do my own for awhile now.  If you don't know what a podcast is, its like an open forum for myself, and any guest to just hangout and talk.  No commercials or adds, just me and some stories! 

This episode, I talk about some stories from my job.  Most are embarrassing, and deal with artist like, Toby Keith, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, and Alabama!   In addition to that, a big question that is usually asked is, "How did you get into radio?"  Well I answer that question, and you can hear how I got my start in radio!  

If ya have some time, kick back and relax, and enjoy some stories from me, and be on the lookout for new episodes weekly! 

Also if you have any questions,or guest request let me know! 

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Episode 15! Knockoff ebay Dot View Case review

I love my HTC One M8, but I needed a case.  A cool feature of the M8 is the Dot View feature, which turns your screen into this cool 8-bit looking graphic.  However, official Dot View cases are expensive, luckily, they sell knock offs on ebay for half price!  How do they hold up?  Check it out in the video!

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Episode 14! HTC One M8 UAG Case review.

I have seen this case floating around on the internet and it looked visually appealing ands tends to get great reviews.  The price is a bit high but I took the plunge and bought one and here is my review!

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Episode 13 Skull Candy Hesh review!

I'm back with once again, another review.  This time I put the Skull Candy Hesh headphones on the cutting block.  I tend to forget my headphones at home, so I figured a nice backup would help.  I have been wearing Skully Candys to work for the better part of five years now, and figured these would make a nice backup.  

While they are expensive in stores I was able to pick up a pair used on ebay for $25.  How do they hold up?  Check out the video and find out!

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Episode 12! Skull Candy Skull Crusher (real tree) Review!

A lot of people ask we what type of headphones I'm wearing when I'm out at remotes or doing my show live.  So I figured why not do a review!  Yes, I rock the Skull Candy Crushers everyday, for about two years, and here is my review!

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Episode 11! Vinyl Styl review! Clean your records, does it work?

Picked up a record cleaning product today at FYE, called Vinyl Styl.  Will it work, do my records look cleaner?  Watch and find out!

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Episode 10! Ghostbusters 2 Vinyl Review!

Swung by FYE in the mall and picked up the newly re-released Ghostbusters 2 lp. Did Sony go above and beyond with the record? Check out the video and see. 

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Watch me get to work in 18 seconds!

Downloaded this new app, that lets me speed up my videos!  So I decided to try it with my ride into work today!

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Episode 9! The Bloomsburg Fair!

The 159th annual Bloomsburg Fair came to town, and I was there live, and lucky you, I brought my video camera!

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