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Jessie Roberts


Why do men refuse to spend a few extra bucks for a job done right??

I love my dad but he drives me CRAZY! In his mind, he can fix EVERYTHING! One small problem, he refuses to spend any money to do so. My house is a fixer-upper, to say the least, but it's coming along nicely. I've put a lot of time into fixing the things I can and a lot of money into fixing the things I can't do myself.

One exception that I lose sleep over at night is my bathroom. It's a pretty room but it's outdated and the shower is nothing but problems. Whoever my parents hired to put in the tub and inner walls must've hated them. HA! There's caulking all up and down the walls but I'm pretty sure none between the actual wall and the tub wall because water has begun to seep underneath and the wall now has water damage. It makes me sick looking at it. I was talking to my dad, last night, about replacing it before Christmas. He told me to hold off because he could "easily fix it for a tenth of the price." After 23 years, I've caught onto his "do it yourself scheme" but for some reason (maybe to make my blood pressure shoot through the roof), I always ask how he plans on doing that. His proposal for this project - "I'll just get a piece of plastic baseboard and glue it to the part where the water has seeped in." AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Really, men? Why is it SO HARD to spend a few extra bucks to get a job done right (and save your daughter's sanity)? In the meantime, if you know someone in construction who's willing to take on the project in my bathroom, please send 'em my way before my dad pulls out the baseboard. :-)

P.S. - The fact that I'm not alone makes me feel better about this ordeal. This is not my bathroom but it may as well be with the way my dad "fixes" things. (Check out


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10/08/2009 6:46AM
Why do men refuse to spend a few extra bucks for a job done right??
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