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Who's the Quaker Oat Numnuts Who Makes the "Best By" Date?!!

Dang codes!! 

All I wanted to eat was some oatmeal - easy enough.  I took a bite, and it tasted chalky.  I turned Mr Quaker Oat over to check the expiration, and it says: JAN 16 10L241/T     What does that mean?!!!! 

Is it best before JANUARY 2016, or should I have thrown it out three years ago, on JANUARY 16, 2010? 

People were adamant in their replies on-air and on Facebook, too: "Duh, Selena, the "10" is clearly part of the batch code.  It doesn't expire til 2016."  ...oh, so I'm THAT bad of a cook, I can't even microwave oats and water.

After trying to research online and just finding other idiots like me trying to rationalize food product codes, I finally called Mr. Quaker Oat himself.  Actually, his name was Hilton, and he sounded more like the Pepperidge Farm cookie guy.  I wanted to adopted him as my new Grand Pappy. 

Pappy Hilton confirmed that its "BEST OF" date (God forbid you utter "expire"; that curse word is NOT in Quaker Oats' vernacular)  is, indeed:

JANUARY 16, 2010   !!!!!!  

Yes, for those of you who thought, "what a simpleton, she doesn't know what batch codes are..."  Turns out, that "10" attached to that weird code IS IN FACT THE YEAR IT'S BEST BY. 

It tasted awful for a reason; thankfully, that reason wasn't me. 

Even Pappy Hilton suggested I throw it out.  I swear, if he could, he would have offered me a Milano cookie through the phone to make up for it.

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04/05/2013 10:49AM
Who's the Quaker Oat Numnuts Who Makes the "Best By" Date?!!
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04/05/2013 12:18PM
sounds like Mr. Oat's needs to change his printing and make it easier to read ... it really did look like the 10 was part of the lot #.
04/05/2013 1:46PM
Didnt respond but realized the 2010 year must have been right.....even if you bought the oats this week any grain doesnt last for 3 years....the worms will appear long before and eat the grains!
11/02/2014 10:37AM
2 best by sept 16 15S
Make it simple to understand. I am surprised no law suit......i have same problem mine says "2 best by sept 16 15S" now I know it will expire 2015............
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