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Justin Taylor
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Where's my good karma?

Seems like I have been getting the shaft when it comes to good karma lately.  For example, we all remember when my girlfriends car broke down, so until she could get it fixed, I let her borrow mine.  We all remember the outcome of that situation... a brick through my window.  I figured, stay postitive and good things will come!

So yesterday, after the surprise snow storm, I thought I would be a good person, and help out my neighbors and shovel walk ways to doors.  On top of that, I cleared off my girlfriend's car, and loaded all her stuff in it for her, since she was going home to visit her family.  No only that, but earlier, she needed a ride to work because he car would not make it in the weather, and even before that,  my other neighbor got his car stuck in the snow....And you guessed it, I got him out!

So, I figured I was in the clear, and good karma was coming my way.  So after shoveling everyone, I jumped in the shower, cleaned up, got back into the Froggy truck, ad took everyone home that got a ride to work yesterday.  I picked up T, dropped her off at the house, kissed her goodbye, and finally got to sit down.  That's when I realized it.  My Ipod was gone.

Backtracking my steps, I realized what happened.  While shoveling snow, it must have fell out of my pocket, and into the snow.  No big deal, I will just go outside and find it.  But there was a bigger problem, my landlord has just plowed the driveway!  So now all I can assume is, that my ipod is buried deep within a frozen snow bed.  Any chances are, when the snow melts, my ipod will be pick up by one of my neighbors, who, instead of being an honest person, and asking if anyone lost their ipod, will keep it for their own, and think they hit the jackpot.

So I want to know, where is my good karma?  Seems like it's a little late.


03/08/2011 7:14AM
Where's my good karma?
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03/09/2011 10:03AM
Things always work out in the end...just gotta stick it through.
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