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When Did a Fruit Basket Become a Bad Gift?!

I'm learning with each pregnant friend what NOT to bring as a gift to the hospital. Keep in mind, I was looking for gifts for the new mom; the kid already got a turn at the baby shower!My first friend to deliver is too sweet to say otherwise, but apparently, Ethan and I really gave her an inconsiderate gift - WINE. It seemed like a good idea at the time; she couldn't drink alcohol for 9 birth IS a celebration...why not celebrate with a nice bottle of red?! We must have looked like a couple of winos walking into that delivery ward with alcohol! Even a random nurse made a comment, "you know, nursing mothers still shouldn't drink."

I felt like such an enabler.

So, when the next friend delivered, I figured I learned my lesson: bring something nourishing! Hey, anything opposite wine should do. So, I went to the grocery store in search of the biggest, most beautiful fruit basket I could find.

I was so proud of the vibrant colors and the full, juicy display wrapped in cellophane. It was heavy, too. Ethan got a good workout carrying it through the maze of the hospital. I kept thinking, "Sure, she'll have gifts of stuffed animals, flowers, balloons...but no one would think to give her a fruit basket! Yeah. There's a reason for that.
As we walked into the room to deliver the fruit basket, I quickly realized my bundle of joy was now the new parents' bundle of burden. That thing was big! I saw it in the parents' eyes, "Where the hell is this thing going to fit between the car seat and baby supplies on the ride home?"

That's why they are the intuitive parents. For now, Ethan and I will just stick to finding the right baby gifts!

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09/17/2009 10:20AM
When Did a Fruit Basket Become a Bad Gift?!
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