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"Whatever" is the Most Annoying Word or Phrase of 2010

It's been like 15 years since every sitcom punchline involved some character saying "Whatever" . . . but the scars are still cutting us deep, every day.

--A team at Marist University in Poughkeepsie, New York just released the results of a poll of the most annoying word or phrase of the year . . . and "whatever" took the top spot.

--39% of Americans picked "whatever."

--"Like" came in second place, with 28%.

--"You know what I mean" came in third, with 15%.

--"To tell you the truth" came in fourth, with 10%.

--And "actually" came in fifth, with 5%.

--The other 3% aren't sure. (--Oh WHATEVER. Make up your minds.)

--In 2009, "whatever" was also picked as the most annoying word of the year. The rest of the top five from last year was: "you know" . . . "it is what it is" . . . "anyway" . . . and "at the end of the day."

(Marist Poll)

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12/16/2010 7:31AM
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12/16/2010 8:57AM
My son uses "whatever" all the time & it drives me CRAZY!!!
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