What happened?

That's what I keep asking myself.  This Saturday, I went out, via limo for two of my good friends birthday.  And that's about all I remember.  What I do recall is, we started at my house.  Mixing fruit punch and everclear.  From there, things go hazy.  It was a strange, I did not feel too bad, I thought I was sober, but that was not the case.

Turns out, I woke up in bed Sunday morning, no hangover (thank god) and was having trouble recalling the prior events.  It was almost like a dream, images would pop in my head, and I would say, did that happen?

Luckily there were pictures taken, reminding me of all the crazy events that happened.  I must say these pictures have shown me, that I was not in fact sober, and I was actually far from it!  Hilarious pictures though!

So my word of advice to all of you, rent a limo...totally worth it!


01/24/2011 9:35AM
What happened?
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