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What Tara must think of me sometimes...

So last night, I'm sitting on the couch playing NCAA 11 for my PS3, for those who don't know, this is a college football game, and yes, I'm a the coach of SMU.   So here I am, in the game, as the coach, and I'm down to the last game of the season.  I have some how took this unranked, 2 star caliber team, and have lead them to an undefeated season.  So going into this last game of the season, I'm pitted against a pretty bad team., but the game mean A LOT!  First if I win this, I get the bid for the National Championship.  Second, if I win, I will be crowned Divisional Champions, and to top it all off, I have a player in the running for the Heisman trophy!

If I lose, all of these achievements will be lost, and my coaching approval rating will drop significantly, so winning is a must.  I figure this won't be a problem, this team is unranked, have 5 losses on the season, should be an easy win.  Man was I wrong!  This team came to play, and they tore me up, and I was mad!  And this is where I wonder what Tara thinks of me....

Because the whole time I'm playing, she is sitting next to me, and I'm not acting...normal.  No, instead I'm acting like I'm an actual coach on the field.  I continually standing up and sitting down, screaming at the TV!  I usually run my offense to the left side of the field, except yesterday, this team had a standout tight end, who was KILLING my Quarterback!  Almost every play, I would stand up and scream at the TV, "Will anyone block that damn tight end!?  We are getting killed!"  Then I start yelling as if the players in the game can hear me! "These guys are jokes!  Can't any of you block or catch?!  Come on, make a move on the ball Stewart!"

It is pure insanity when I play this game.  At  one point, I threw the controller t the couch, it bounced off, flew in the air, over my head, and I frantically caught it, and went right back to action as if nothing happened.  At one point in the game I find myself down 17 points!  The most I have been down all season was 7, and that was to Penn State and Notre Dame, both of which were ranked in the top ten!

After screaming at the TV the whole game, I find myself tied, late in the fourth quarter, all tied up, after an amazing comeback, but the computer has the ball, and they are marching down field no problem.  My team seems to be playing as if they have never played a game their whole life, and can not stop them.  The running back is shedding tackles and can't be stop.  They march the ball all the way down to the 9 yard line with 50 seconds left.  I'm litterally ready to have a nervous breakdown, because I know if they score I won't be able to get down field and score in enough time. I stand there, cursing at the screen, telling the players their bums and that they deserve to lose, that this whole season is a waste of time, and then it happens...they fumble the ball!

We jump on it, and now have 48 seconds to score and end this nightmare!  Now this is serious, 48 seconds, three timeouts, and I have to travel around 6o yards to win this thing.  Oh and by the way, my starting QB, was injured 5 games ago, with a broken collar bone, and is injured for the season.  So the first two play are incomplete passes, making it third down, and very crucial.  See if we don't make this first down, I have to punt the ball back, and give them 40 some seconds to try and score.  Feeling nervous and sick, I throw the ball...caught first down!  I jump up, clap, tell everyone good  job, and lets get this thing!

The Next two downs, again incomplete passes, and I'm now faced with the same situation as before!  Third down, ten yards to go, and I'm freaking out!  I only have one timeout left,with about 10 seconds left.  I snap the ball, look down field, and there is my Heisman finalist, some what open, running in stride.  I throw the ball up, and for that moment while the ball is in the air, I hear no sounds, I'm about three inches from the screen, sweating, and it's caught!  I scream for joy, he is quickly tackled, and I immediately call timeout.

There are five seconds left, and I'm in field goal range.  However; today has not been a good day for my field goal kicker.  He has missed all three attempts today, and now we are in the game winning situation.  I take a deep breath, bring out the field goal kicker, get down on my knees, and snap the ball.  I aim the kick, and let it fly.  The ball sails through the air and in!

I throw the controller across the room, jump up, arms in the air, and let out a giant "YES!!!!"  I continue to walk around my living room and kitchen, arms in the air,  screaming "Yes!"  I may have also been flipping off the TV, swearing at it, as if I had conquered the Playstation!  Then it dawned on me.... Tara witnessed the whole thing.

This morning, after the excitement has calmed down, I wonder...What does she think about me?  She has to think I'm absolutely nuts.  I mean after the game, I  received coach of the year award, and I look at her, and say, "I won the coach of the year award!"  As if she should be excited and proud of all the hard work I have accomplished!

Does anyone do this, or live with someone like this?  Is it crazy or weird?  Oh, and if anyone is wondering, I won the Heisman and will be playing Ohio State in the BCS Championship.  And yes, that game will be played today.  Wish me luck!


03/09/2011 8:57AM
What Tara must think of me sometimes...
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