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Eric Petersen


What Are the Ten Most Depressing Jobs In America?

"Health" magazine just put out a list of the 10 most depressing jobs in America . . . based on a study of how many people at each of those jobs suffered with MAJOR DEPRESSION in the past year.

--So if you've got one of these and you're NOT depressed . . . congratulations, you're ahead of the curve. Here are the 10 jobs, in order . . .

#1.) Nursing home and child care workers.

#2.) Food service staff.

#3.) Social workers.

#4.) Health care workers.

#5.) Artists, entertainers, and writers.

#6.) Teachers.

#7.) Administrative support staff.

#8.) Maintenance and grounds workers.

#9.) Financial advisors and accountants.

#10.) Salespeople.

One worth mentioning:
#11) Froggy 101 Morning Show Host (just kidding)

--Of course, in this day and age, NOT having a job is even more depressing than having a depressing job. Nursing home and child care, which was number one on this list, had an 11% major depression rate. Unemployed people came in at 12%.


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12/10/2010 6:18AM
What Are the Ten Most Depressing Jobs In America?
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12/10/2010 12:12PM
Charles Saxe III
911 dispatchers. (I am one and you never get good news). You barely get a thank you as well
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