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Wasting Time? I know I do! UPDATE!

So are you suppose to be doing one thing, but blatantly doing something else? Perhaps house work, yard work, or even wrose...actual work? Well that is my case this week. See, when I moved to afternoons and night, I had to pack up all my things, and move to a new office. My new office, is down the hall, and to the left of my old one. I now share an office with, Robbie, Bosco, and Johnny Lucas. You probably don't know two of the three I mentioned, but that is besides the point.

The office we share, is quite large, and is nicely separated by a divider. The only problem was, when I was move into the office, I was put deep into the back corner. I was put so far in the corner, that if you walk past the office door, you can't even see me, and to be honest, if you didn't know this was my office, you would never know I was here. In fact, sometimes people decided to hold "private" meetings in here, and never realize I'm here!

So after a few weeks of being all jammed up in this corner, I decided to take action! It all started last weekend, when I went to the mall, during a card show. I have no interest in sports cards, but while I was there I stumbled upon a box of WWF wrestling cards. Written on the box was, "$10 a box." I figured. what the hell, why not splurge? So I bought the box, and ended up getting the entire set, plus about 10 doubles of each! So that got me thinking, "What am I going to do with these cards?" That's when the brilliant idea popped in my head!

I figured I would take them to my office, and hang them around my lone, Iron Maiden poster, that hung in my office. After completion, I realized how awesome it looked. People throughout the office caught wind of my side project, and came in to admire my work. All this admiration made me realize on thing... I need to go to my parents house and grab a lot of my crap from my old bedroom, and bring it to the office.

So for the past three days, instead of working, I have been focusing all or most of my attention to decorating my office. So for you entertainment, here are some pictures of my new office:

[gallery link="file"]


In case no one knows or missed the memo, every Friday, I send the boss (I mean the big guy, you know the one, everyone in the office is scared to death to talk to) an email with a picture attached of something ridiculous. Well, last night, after I got off air, I made him a football card. Except, this is no ordinary football card, see I searched the internet in hopes of finding a picture of the boss, and low and behold I found one! So what did I do? Well I photo shopped his face onto the card!

More wasting time? You Bet cha! I will probably be fired tomorrow...


05/12/2011 3:59PM
Wasting Time? I know I do! UPDATE!
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