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Warning: Itching Really Can Be Contagious!!!

You know how sometimes when you see someone SCRATCHING, suddenly you find yourself scratching too? Well, it's not just because you gave each other crabs.

--According to a study at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in North Carolina, itching really CAN be contagious.

--The researchers found that when you see someone scratching, your brain instinctively becomes hypersensitive . . . and thinks you have an itch too. So, before you know it, you start scratching.

--It's the same way that yawns are contagious. When you see someone yawn, your brain thinks you're tired too, so you also yawn.

I also think that break lights are equally contagious... the car ahead of you breaks; instantly you do too!!!

I'm just wondering: What do you do that is out of sheer impulse when you see someone else doing it? What is your contagious impulse action?

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03/29/2011 10:54AM
Warning: Itching Really Can Be Contagious!!!
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