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Eric Petersen



There are some awesome superhero powers that most guys wished they had, like: I wish I had the ability to fly, or superhuman strength or invisibility.
But, in the history of comic books, there have also been some completely worthless superhero powers, such as:

Taking the Form of Water (Wonder Twin Zan) -- When push comes to shove, the ability to turn into a puddle of water isn't all that amazing.
Yelling Really Loudly (The Thunderer) -- Yelling really loudly is more annoying than menacing.
Body of Plastic (Plastic Man/Mister Fantastic) -- Sure, plasticity can help you slip under a door frame or possibly take a punch, but there's hardly any type of destruction potential from the ability to become rubber.
Talking to Fish (Aquaman) -- Seriously. How often in your life would it have been useful to call a shark to help you?

-If you could have just one superhero power, what would it be and why?
-What's the closest thing you have to a superpower? How much better at this are you than the mere mortals around you? (You are using this power for good and not evil, right?)

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07/07/2011 10:41AM
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