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Bryan Baylee
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Viper Bite!

Yes believe it or not I once started a band.  A band that unfortunately died before it ever went anywhere.  See the problem was, my good friend Whitey and myself started the band, but we could never complete the line up.  Whitey played bass, and I was on vocals.   However; every time we found a drummer or a guitarist, they would back out and join another band!  What was the band called?

Viper Bite

We got our motivation from the band Poison.  Yes we had all intentions of dressing up like Poison, makeup and all!  And,Yes, there is even a picture of me in my costume!  If your lucky, I may even share it with you!

There were a lot of problems with Viper Bite from the start.  The main one was college.  Both of us were in school, which made thing very hard, not only that, but I was working a full time job, which made meeting up almost impossible.  But when we did meet up... It was a blast!

While not one song was ever written completely, we had many started!  Some of our tracks included: Viper Bite or later renamed to Viper Bite Tonite! Venom in the Valley (Also going to be the name of our first album), Booze Cruise, Tears of Blood, and then some vulgar titles I will not share!

Viper Bite even started to make a small buzz!  In fact, one night I received a call from an unknown number.  When I answered the phone, it was some guy who said, "Hey, are you the singer for Viper Bite?"  I said yes, and he went on to say, "I heard you have a glam band, and your looking for a guitarist, care if I try out?"  Turns out this guy could really tear it up on a guitar, so I was more than happy to say yes!  Then it happened... his old band got back together and Viper Bite was down to two again.

But the buzz was still there.  I was working in a window factory in college, and there were a lot of old metal heads who worked there.  When they heard about my band, they were excited and also thought I was nuts.  That's when I came up with our own version of the horns people make with their hands.

To do the Viper Bite hand gesture correctly, you take your grooming and middle finger, and make a peace sign.  From there you bend them down so that they look like a Vipers Fangs!  So when I was at work, these older guys would yell, "Yo Viper Bite, and hold up the hand gesture!"  Eventually that was the only way they would wave at me in the factory.  Some how word spread onto the campus at Wilkes, and on my way to class I would hear someone yell, "Viper Bite!"  Followed by the hand gesture, it was crazy!

Like I said, the first album was suppose to be titled, "Venom in the Valley."  In fact I didn't even come up with the name, it was suppose to be a joke making fun of the band!  My friend Zack, is probably the most sarcastic person you will ever meet, and he loves to break your stones.  Well when he heard about Viper Bite, I would always get text messages saying, "Hey, I will play guitar in Viper Bite" or "Can I audition for Viper Bite?"  Now Zack has no musical background whatsoever, and he did it just to irritate me.

However; one day his joke back fired and finally gave us a name to our album!  He texted me, "Hey I wrote a song (which he didn't) it's call Venom in the Valley."  I read it, and was hooked on the title!  I wrote the chorus, passed it by Whitey, and we were in agreement, Venom in the Valley was the name of the album! So thank you Zack!

In fact, just recently I had a logo drawn up!  When I was working at Demuro's pizza in Pittston, there was and still is a guy named Joby.  Well Joby draws like a champ, and I described the logo I wanted, and sure enough, he drew it the EXACT way I always imaged the logo would look!  It was incredible!  It was as if he reached into my head, grab the image and put it to paper!  In fact, I hope he still has it, because I would love to share it with all of you.

He was also going to do the cover art, but sadly this never was finished due to me leaving to start my career at Froggy 101.  But I think I may just have to give him a call and see if he will draw it up.  The cover, as I pictured it for many years, would be: Two mountains on each side of the cover, with a town in the middle of the valley.  However; this town is being flooded with bright pink venom!  House are being demolished and taken away, and in the background a giant Viper, unleashing this bright pink venom from his fangs!

I must admit though Viper Bite is not dead!  No no, in fact another song title was just created, and approved by both myself and Whitey!  The new problem is Whitey furthered his  college education in Kutztown, so meeting up is no longer an option.  BUT, rumors have it, that Viper Bite is planning on meeting up, and working on an acoustic power ballad!  I will keep you posted.  Now, if you read through this entire bio of Viper Bite, I will now present you the only picture ever taken of Viper Bite in costume...and unfortunately it only contains me in costume.  So here you go... Viper Bite!


03/03/2011 11:47AM
Viper Bite!
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03/03/2011 11:56AM
Woah...nice eighties outfit there. Really look like a member of Poison there. I have always wanted to start a band...but I don't know.
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