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UGHHHH! My Back!

Is shot! Seriously, my back is ruined, I can't move, breathe, or think. It literally took me 4 minutes just to gt out of bed, I had to strategically roll to one side, from the fetal position, I had to push up on all fours, from there,, I had to sit out and then push up. I then hobbled to the kitchen, and collapsed in a chair, moaning out loud, wondering how on Earth I'm going to get dressed.

Right now I'm wearing a very large t shirt, mesh shorts, and flip flops. This is a very strategic outfit, because it required the least amount of work to get dressed. I must say, I'm soooooo happy Pittston Area is closed today, because that means I get a day off of practice! These Pittston Area cheerleaders are going to kill me or at least put me in a wheel chair!

Yesterday, I had to learn two cheers, and a dance routine, which you can check out at, and when you do, you will not only see myself ruined all of these things, but preform them in a giant tutu, made beautifully by, Viva La Diva where you can also check them out on Facebook.

Lets go Red and Blue!


03/23/2011 7:19AM
UGHHHH! My Back!
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03/23/2011 12:57PM
i hope you're practicing your cheers on your day off..
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