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Turns out we are terrible parents!

Robbie and I that is. See when Robbie and I got two turtles, John C Riley and Will Ferrel (the turtles names) we figured, how hard could this be? We have a tank, a filter, all we need is some rocks, boom done! Well two weeks pass, and we think everything is going well. Then last Friday hits, we come into the office and we noticed the filter was no longer ejecting water from it and the tank smells TERRIBLE!

So I pull out the filter, only to notice it is FILLED with algae and gunk! I look at Robbie and say, "Well this is garbage." So we throw out the filter, and say we will deal with this Monday. So today, Monday, rolls around and Robbie comes into the office, with this giant rock thing. I looked at him with some confusion and ask, "What is that thing?" He tells me it is a new filter, and not only that, but we have been doing EVERYTHING wrong!

See you are only suppose to have around 4 inches of water in the tank. We had, oh around, 9! So our poor turtles who we thought enjoyed swimming all day, were actually in too much water. So today, Robbie and I had to revamp the turtle tank. This included a complete wash down of the tank, the rocks, and removal of water. After that, we had to install the rock filter, and only add in 4 inches of water. Now the turtles have a nice land area (which they still do not play on) and a water area. I must say though, the water is MUCH clearer and the turtles seem a lot happier.


08/08/2011 3:28PM
Turns out we are terrible parents!
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