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Together we can save Detroit!

Yes, we can save Detroit.  While the news, media and press talk about the forgot wasteland, once known as Detroit, we the people, can come together and save the Motor City!  In fact, it has already started!

As if a prophets,  writers,  Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner, had predicted that one  day, the future of Detroit would be over run by crime, the city would be in mass amount of debit, and the police force would be forced to have cut backs.  The city would appear to be destroyed, ruined, forgotten, until.... ROBOCOP!

Yes, half man, half machine, full time law enforcer!  In the box office hit, Robocop brought law and order back to the city of Detroit, and he is going to do again, but this time it is real!

Not too long ago, the mayor of Detroit made an official Tweet to the city of Detroit, "There are not any plans to erect a statue of Robocop.  Thank you for the suggestion."  This simple acknowledgment, caused a internet uproar.  And thus the cause was formed.

The people of Detroit have had enough, and finally a good idea has come forth, an idea that the people can stand behind.  Just like the Statue of Liberty, it is a symbol of freedom and greatness, and so is Robocop! Criminals will look at the statue and realize, when they were children they wanted to be Robocop, not the bad guys, citizens, will recall the good that Robocop brought, and will become stand up citizens.  Robocop WILL save Detroit!

So how can you help?  Well Brandon Walley started the fund, Build Robocop in Detroit!  That's right you can make a donation to the cause, a minimum of $1 to help.  So far, they have raised over $58,000!  That's over $8,000 of the estimated goal!

This morning I donated my dollar to the cause, because I believe that Detroit needs a hero,  Philadelphia has Rocky, New York has just about everyone famous, and it's time Detroit becomes the prime city it use to be! People, I urge you to join the cause!

Detroit needs help.  Detroit needs our help .  Detroit needs Robocop!

Build Robocop in Detroit!


02/18/2011 11:23AM
Together we can save Detroit!
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