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I wrote the script... but George Clooney is making it real.

I had an idea for a movie script several years ago named Grand Prize, that I swore would&rsquo;ve been a blockbuster if it could attract the correct person to star in the two lead roles.<br />
<br />
The story line revolved around a very famous movie star that had recently broken up with her hunky, cookie cutter, California, beefcake and was looking for a way to revive her recently stalled career.<br />
<br />
During a staff meeting one of her well-intended, yet un-respected, rookie handlers pitched the preposterous idea of her hosting a contest (on Facebook) of a fan winning a very high profile date with her. Everyone in <em>her crew,</em> but her, balks at the idea, but she&rsquo;s convinced it&rsquo;ll work. Eventually the contest unites her with a frumpy, normal, average, age appropriate guy who&rsquo;s the Grand Prize winner&hellip; who is so <em>imperfectly perfect</em> for her that she eventually has to cede to the fact that the high profile life she has led has robbed her of her vision of who she really is, as well as the type of person she is really intended to be with. She shocks the world by falling in love with him and they (after 1.5 hours of truly trumped up movie angst) live happily ever after.<br />
I have shared this idea with many industry folks who either told me that: &ldquo;stars don&rsquo;t date fans <em>for <u>a</u> <u>reason</u></em>&rdquo; or that: &ldquo;my fantasy shouldn&rsquo;t be a movie plot&rdquo; or simply: &ldquo;it&rsquo;s a nice story, that wouldn&rsquo;t nor could ever happen&rdquo;. &nbsp;Really?<br />
<br />
This week a company called <strong>Omaze</strong> announced the &ldquo;Hit The Town With George Clooney&rdquo; contest Benefiting The Satellite Sentinel Project. <a href=""></a><br />
For a $10.00 donation you are in the running to join George Clooney on a premiere night.<br />
<br />
According to the site: First, you and a friend will be flown to New York City. You&#39;ll then go backstage at the Late Show with David Letterman for George&#39;s pre-premiere interview, ride to the premiere with George, and walk the red carpet with George, all before sitting in the VIP row for Monuments Men. As if that weren&#39;t enough, you&#39;ll then head to the after-party as George&#39;s VIP guests.<br />
<br />
Is the story exactly as I had envisioned it? NO, But it&rsquo;s damn close! The whole meeting and convincing him you&rsquo;re his soul mate routine&hellip; well, that&rsquo;s up to you. But it <em>could</em> happen! Good luck, and if somehow you do show Hollywoods most elusive bachelor that<em> you&#39;re the one</em>, please give me first dibs to the movie rights &hellip; after all I did script your happy ending, sort of!<br />

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01/10/2014 11:36AM
I wrote the script... but George Clooney is making it real.
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01/12/2014 2:07PM
George Clooney
Well Eric great minds think a like bc I have notebooks full of my first novel called Obsession.... About a simple suburban housewife who wins a contest to walk the red carpet with her movie star crush ..... She goes he dismisses her but then in a twist he gets a glimpse into her thoughts and life and becomes obsessed with her.... I never finished it...
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