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To Big Mac or not?

Sometimes I just want a Big Mac. The problem is, whenever I eat one, I immediately hate myself, feel guilty and fat! Now I know I sound like a woman talking like this, but damn it, I have been losing weight, and feeling good, and I know this Big Mac will just end badly.

But they are just sooooo good. I feel like the Big Mac is better for me than say, The Whopper, or that giant thing Wendys sells, but it still isn't great for me. The other problem with the Big Mac is, it never seems to fill me up! I think I could eat three of them before I'm satisfied. In fact, maybe this won't be a problem, because tomorrow is payday, so I might not have enough to go to McDonalds (yes my money is that tight), let me check this financial situation out... Damn I have enough.

I even have enough for the large size, and with commercials like these I'm not finding it any easier.


03/30/2011 10:09AM
To Big Mac or not?
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