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Time to Pump!

So I now have in my possession, P90X.  You know, that insane workout program that transforms your body, and makes you look like a body builder.  It's a 90 day workout program, and I was very excited to start the program.  Then I find out I need to have a pull up bar...I don't have one, so I go out and find a friend who does.  Ok now I'm ready to do this.  Take the pull up bar and decide to test it out.  In case you haven't seen these new things, they are pull up bars you put on your door frame and get to workin out.

Well, I live in a very old Civil War war home, and none of these door frames are built like regular door frames, all of them but one...The Bathroom door frame.  However; the frame appears that it was once cracked, and put back together.  So I'm a bit worried to hang all my body weight on this old broken door frame...I will do it anyway.

So now I'm ready to start this workout.  Not so fast!  You need dumbbells to do this workout!  This is getting a little expensive, well it would be, if I wasn't mooching things off of people, but now the problem is I know no one with dumbbells I can have.  Now, before I can start this, I have to wait to get paid on Tuesday, go to play it again sports, and buy six pairs of dumbbells.

Man, who would have thought it would take and cost some much just to get back into shape?  Oh, and I'm thinking about documenting my progress by taking pictures every day of the workout.  But mine will go over 90 days, because I'm doing the intensity workout first.  This workout burns all the fat off first, making you more cut after you finish the P90X workout.  I will keep you updated!


03/10/2011 8:13AM
Time to Pump!
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