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Tick-Tock My Sanity Away!

Ethan and I received a beautiful Grandfather clock as a wedding gift. It's lovely and I'm appreciative, don't get me wrong. However, it's DRIVING ME CRAZY! The incessant ticking. The BONG BONG BONG every 15 minutes. And I thought my dad impersonating my biological clock was bad. Now I hear his voice with every "tock" of the clock.So Ethan, trying to be supportive, thought he could make it more bearable. He came up with this idea to put a piece of tape on the chimes to muffle the BONG BONG...yeah. I still hear the BONGS loud and clear, but OFF-KEY now. I think it's possibly worse. But hey, he says I'll get used to it!

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09/17/2009 10:28AM
Tick-Tock My Sanity Away!
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