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Jessie Roberts


Made In America?

I attempted to buy a new American flag yesterday.... Too bad they all said "MADE IN CHINA" on them! Terrible!

On that note, I opted to buy a new flagpole for my current flag instead... The VALLEY FORGE flagpole... Also MADE IN CHINA. It's being returned tomorrow.

Shouldn't some things (especially American flags) be Made in the USA?

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With a home comes... Home Improvements!

Having purchased our first home just about a year ago, my husband, Jon, and I have had lots of fun making it "our own." Our latest project is adding steps that lead down to our backyard thanks to Mr. Decorative Concrete. Here's the mid-progress pic. Can't wait to show you the "after!" What's your spring project?

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It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I absolutely love it when I start seeing lots of green and shamrocks in stores! It means SPRING is right around the corner! :-)

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Happy "Gotcha" Day!

Since becoming a "dog mom," I've seen so many of my friends celebrate "Gotcha Day" - the day they adopted their children with paws. Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to this little guy!
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Portable Toilet Boardroom

This may be one of the greatest pranks ever pulled off!
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Tim McGraw Has a BIG Secret!!

Tim McGraw recently sat down with Oprah for her new show. The premise of the show is to tell the stories you've never heard from the people you thought you knew best.

Apparently, Tim and Oprah had a "very emotional" conversation where he revealed a major secret. What could it be, though? It's killing me! We already know about the secret he discovered at age 11, when he first learned his biological father was the Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Tug McGraw.

Any guesses?

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Girl Shaves Head to Fight Cancer... Gets Kicked Out of School!

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Will Ferrell teaches kids about eating right and exercise...

Will Ferrell is the best!

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Neal McCoy Asks for Understanding

After reports that Trace Adkins entered rehab, last week, after a scuffle on a cruise he was hosting, some guests were upset, saying they had been lied to. Initially, the crew on the ship informed guests that Trace had to leave because of a family emergency. Trace's camp has done everything in their power - offering tickets and Meet and Greets to future shows, etc., but some are still upset.

Neal McCoy had stepped forward to support his friend, writing in a Facebook statement yesterday - "I understand some of the cruise guest being upset about not getting to see Trace perform, and maybe hanging with him on the ship. I do however think that sometimes things happen,,,, and everybody involved, in this case The Flying Dutchmen Travel folks and Trace's camp, tried to do the best they could to keep people happy, even if it meant fudging on the truth at first on the reason he left the ship."

Cool move, Neal! Classy guy!
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The Holiday Season Comes Earlier Every Year

...and I couldn't be happier about it! I know it annoys some people but I say, "Bring it on!" I love Christmas - everything about it - the lights, the romance, the music, the whimsical cheer! LOVE IT! For those of you that don't, well, this is for you.

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