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There is no way I'm in the wrong here...right?

So I ordered some supplements off of the internet, and when they were shipped to me, I realized they were the wrong pills, so I contacted the store.  I informed them they sent the wrong package.  They were quick to reply, that if I could send a picture of what was sent, so they could correct the mistake.  I did, and they followed up with this response...


Hi,   I have processed an other shipment for you. Can you please return the Lichi?"  Now wait a minute.  They want me to re-package their mistake and send it back to them?  So, I have to pay for their mistake?  I simply replied, if you send a pre paid postage with the pills I ordered, then sure, I will send them back.  

I'm in the right here, right? 

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01/28/2013 4:48PM
There is no way I'm in the wrong here...right?
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01/28/2013 5:23PM
There is no way I'm in the wrong here...right?
I would have done the same thing!! Good for you!
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