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Eric Petersen


The un-expected downside of success...

I put on my jeans (in the darkness of 3am) as usual this morning and came to work. As I passed by the massive mirror in the center of the office that all of us on the Wake Up Call share, I caught a glimpse of myself that stopped me cold.

When losing weight is the goal, you always consider the "up-side" such as: feeling better, gaining cofidence, having more energy, fitting into your "skinny jeans"... but there seems there is a downside to it all too.

As I stood in the mirror I saw a man that had no-azz!!! Seriously, I have lost my bottom! I had on a pair of jeans that hadn't seen the outside of the closet for the better part of 2 years and they were now in the ranks of clothes that were not looking good on me , but this time because of how much weight I had lost instead of gained!!! Jeez!

There in the mirror, under the bleak neon light of the office, I stared at the downside of weight loss... when you're too thin, your clothes don't fit right either! In other words I had gone from one extreem to another, in a matter of weeks!

The worse news is... I will be losing some twenty more pounds more before I will consider myself at my goal weight... damn!!!

This morning we will ask you to vote and at on the video of my bagging jeans and tell us what you think at 1-800-570-1013!

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02/16/2011 5:05AM
The un-expected downside of success...
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02/16/2011 3:04PM
Just need to do some squats to tone the butt.... it should all catch up!! Don't worry Eric, i'm sure when you get to that goal weight all will be good... :)
02/21/2011 8:25AM
Sarah Woehlecke
Hey, just say the video on your 'dilemma' with the jeans...Congrat on the weight loss... The jeans are baggy but its not that big of a deal. Its kind of a cute baggy but I am a but girl, after the eyes and smile first..(and yours are perfect!) Tighten them up if that is what you want for women to check you out in that way. you just need a different cut for your build. Just don't lose that smile!!xoxo
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