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Eric Petersen


The "roads to hell" are here in NEPA!!!

There are few things on this earth that I claim to hate… but one of them is the roads of NEPA!

The driving in this state is abhorred, and year after year, as I continue sailing down the byways of the Keystone State I am less and less inclined to believe it’ll ever be anything but that!

From the potholes to the heaving concrete, the crumbling road shoulders to the dilapidated signage, there is no joy in traveling from place to place here; but this week I saw  the last straw thrown onto the camel’s back… the state approved the install of my personal favorite road pain in the ass: “tar & chips”! Let me explain.

The stretch of road that separates Erika house from mine (Rt. 107) was a road that could have easily fit in well to a war zone! Regular air raid bombings could only produce more damage than was visible on that 14 mile stretch of highway for the past 8-10 years. Well a miracle happened, as the macadam God’s smiled on us and a crew of yellow trucks delivered miles of fresh black smoothness to the gateway to my fiancé’s house, and Rt. 107 got a new and flawless layer of paving last year. Sadly, that was LAST YEAR!

Fast forward to yesterday and the disaster that is Rt.107 now… (see the attached picture).

“Tar & chips” is a process where by a huge spray truck applies a generous layer of hot sticky tar to the flat (usually flawless) road surface and then another truck spills an equally massive amount of crushed gravel (dusty, dirty and most of it not adhering to the tar) on top of it. It then is brushed over by a vehicle that I can only describe as a street sweeper from hell that pushes the excess to the ditch. In about a week the street sweeper from hell does an additional pass, and the job is considered complete.

The problem is that during the week that spans from application day to the final sweep day, it is up to the cars and trucks that travel that road to compact the chips into the tar, and during that process your vehicle is treated to a covering of dust, clanking gravel smashing under your fender wells, slippery stone filled travel lanes, and a shower of the same gravel flying over your vehicle from the drivers (just as pissed as you are) traveling the same road at a speed that sprays your car with military precision!

May I now ask: What in the name of the good Lord almighty above are you doing PennDot?! Why, when you do your best work, do you find it necessary to cover it? Why have you ever so consistently done this on the roads I frequent?  Why is it that you have no respect for those of us who own black vehicles and wish them to remain clean and free of paint chips?!! WHY?!!!!

Dang it!

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08/01/2014 11:33AM
The "roads to hell" are here in NEPA!!!
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08/23/2014 7:54PM
NEPA roads
Penn Dot says that tar & chipping a road adds 7 yrs to the life of the pavement---- & apparently to heck w/ the finish on our vehicles. My job requires that I travel the roads & I have been everywhere from Summit Hill (20 miles below Hazelton) to Lake Ariel to Moscow/Elmhurst to Dalton to Lawton (26 miles from the NY border) to Berwick & all points in between. I have seen some nasty roads (Kingston streets generally aren't to bad), but I'd be hard pressed to pick one that is the worst. Carey Ave by Geisinger South & Courtright St along Riverstreet Nursing home are both deplorable, as is most of Wilkes Barre (w/ the exception of Coal St, W-B) & Nanticoke- (I challenge you to find a smooth street in that town). I have never been able to understand why it is that a paving co will pave a street in town only to have PG & W come in just after the job is finished & rip up big holes in the fresh smooth pavement. I swear it it almost like they watch for the job to be finished & BOOM- they get itchy fingers...
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