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Eric Petersen


The last "pretty place" left in NEPA...

There’ has been a ton of chatter this past week (maybe a lot longer) about the lists that rank the Scranton metro area as “unhappy”… not mention unemployed, hung over and massively corrupt, so it might seem awkward for me of all people to write a blog about a happy place here in NEPA,
but I will,
because I own it.

I was padding through the back lawn of my family’s home in Dalton when it hit me… I felt at peace.  It was strange feeling these days, seeing as how I haven’t felt peaceful at all for a time frame that I can only describe as: “as long as I can remember”.

It was warm, very warm in fact, and the swarming bugs were intense, but that didn’t detract a thing from the peaceful calm that settled over me in that moment. The breeze blew through the trees that hung heavy over me, and the sky pushed a series of foreboding clouds around that gave you the sense of a pending storm at any given moment, but the world seemed strangely right somehow as I toured the grounds.

In my eyes, during the last ten to fifteen years, NEPA has become a place that sadly lacks an abundance of true beauty. I know there will be people who sharply disagree with me but I have traveled enough to know how we live surrounded by a landscape of mediocre architecture and landscape design. The detail work of creating true beauty is lost here for the most part… it’s like we take no pride in our area or the things that we create here any longer.

Many formerly magnificent places in NEPA suffer from anything from basic neglect, to the problem of having been abandoned years ago and never fixed. Trees grow over clum dumps (drive the Casey Hwy), beautiful city buildings that represent our former glory are allowed to deteriorate to a level where razing them is the only option (The Sterling Hotel), it’s become routine to pass rotting cars in the front yard of a see through house and soon pass a development of estate style homes… sad, sickening, not to mention downright depressing.

I know that you’re saying that “of course your family home is your favorite, it's a place where your memories are and of course you’ll have a prejudice to it” but I’m not alone in feeling it’s soothing effects… Erika feels it too (and not because she drank any Kool Aid either).

Maybe I just love what I have; maybe I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the property itself, or maybe it really is as awesome as I think it is, but in all honesty, the combination of location and convenience plus the somewhat uppity neighbors that surround it make it a safe, quiet, and sort of “Eden-istic” type of place. It’s pretty place, and honestly there’s not too many of those left here… trust me I’ve looked.

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07/24/2014 12:14PM
The last "pretty place" left in NEPA...
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08/23/2014 8:11PM
Pretty Places
Sad that so many people have lost their appreciation of nature & all that it entails. I see so much garbage not just strewn along the roads but also in peoples yards. And not just garbage, but rotting machinery, rotting buildings--- just general neglect. My grandparents & mother always taught us kids to "pick up after yourself & don't litter", "keep it clean", & "if you see papers, etc flying around in the yard, pick it up & put it where it belongs." These days we not only have people who drive by & toss something out the window & think nothing of it, we also have to deal w/ neighbors who toss garbage all over not just their property, but ours also. Where does it end???? I have tried talking to them only to have it goes in one ear & out the other. It's almost like they don't have a brain between their ears that can understand a word of English.
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