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The Zubaz Nation and I are strong!

Needless to say I was more than excited when I found out Zubaz was still in production.  For those of you whop have no clue what Zubaz is, let me fill you in.  Back in the mid 80's there was a Tag Team that went by the name, "The Legion of Doom" or "The Road Warriors."  These guys were massive!  They were giant power lifters, and they often had problems finding pants that fit, were comfortable to wear to the gym, and also matched the style of the 80's.  That's when they created Zubaz pants.  

The Road Warriors rockin Zubaz. 
It wasn't long before other weight lifters took notice to these flashy pants, and before you knew it, Zubaz caught on with athletes everywhere.  The NFL was quick to jump on the pants, and players were using them to train in, and then celebrities jumped on the craze! 


Eagles QB Jim McMahon rockin Zubaz 

Charles Barkley in Zubaz 

Even Will Smith Jumped in on the Zubaz Nation! 

Zubaz were the hot trend till the mid 90's.  Then they disappeared.  Those who still wore them, cherished their pairs.  Their comfortable flashy pants were becoming harder to find.  It wasn't till a few months ago, WWE superstars, Cm Punk and John Cena tweeted a picture of them rocking Zubaz pants!  Needless to say, I thought they just had a old pair, and were wearing them for nostalgia factor.  

Punk and Cena bringing back Zubaz! 

It wasn't until I was listening to a podcast, that the hosts brought up Zubaz and discovered they were back and selling their product on their website.  Ecstatic, I reached out to Zubaz.  They wrote me back and to my shock, sent my a box of Zubaz products!  I quickly jumped into my Zubaz gear and was the focal point of the say the least.  

So who here rocked the Zubaz gear?  I know I did and will rock it now that it is back!  Hit me up at if you rocked or rock the Zubaz! 


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02/25/2013 3:02PM
The Zubaz Nation and I are strong!
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