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Bryan Baylee
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The Truth about Columbus Day

Today, many schools neglect to tell the true meaning behind Columbus Day.  However; I Crockett have the TRUE story of Columbus Day, and I will share it with all of you.

As some of you may know, Christopher Columbus's real name Cristoforo Colombo, which is VERY Italian.  Seeing how my heritage is also Italian, I feel a very close bond to Cristoforo Colombo.  I grew up in West Virgina, but my dream home was always to live in Pittston Pa.  Why?  Well that was Cristoforo Colombo's first stop in America.

Yes that is correct, Cristoforo Colombo discovered Pittston first!  The legend is very vague, and not many people know the true origin of the discovery of America, let alone Pittston.  In fact I only one other person who knows of this legend, and that is Mr. Rusty Fender.

You see, back in 1942, Cristoforo Colombo owed some "people" money, for a boating business that failed miserably.   Colombo had dreams of success by owning the best fishing business Italy had ever seen.  However;  Colombo's funds dried up before he ever hit water.  Cristoforo Colombo, was a smart business man, but terrible with money and finances.  He spent all the money that was borrowed on the three boats he built from the ground up.  I Cristoforo Colombo was smart, he would have built only two ships, and had enough left over for a staff, and office.

However; that wasn't the case and he was flat broke.  He had no staff, no building, just three large boats sitting in a dock, and a very large debut.  Cristoforo Colombo knew he was unable to make the payment in full, and since he was being watched at all times, he knew his fate was looking grim.  At last Cristoforo Colombo had a plan.

Colombo was a great gambler, and card shark.  One night he devised a plan that he would go out, swindle a large group of men at the pub to play him in a game of cards.  If he won, the men would have to be part of his crew, which would set sail immediately that night.  If he lost, he would pay each men a large sum of money (which he didn't have).

Cristoforo Colombo's plan worked like a charm.  He rounded up his men, and in the dead of the night they set sail.  At last Cristoforo Colombo was free from his debut, but now he had a bigger problem on his hands.   Where would he go?  He couldn't go back without the money or he would surely be killed.  So he did the only thing he could do..... he just sailed.

Days past, as his crew sailed into a world of unknown.  Men argued and screamed that they would fall off the flat Earth, but Cristoforo Colombo did not care.  Onward they went, and to their surprise they did not die, and eventually they came to a Y in the water.

Cristoforo chose to go right, and he ended up finding his way onto the Susquehanna River.  He continued to sail down the river, until his men became tired, and demanded the land.  Cristoforo Colombo being out numbered and fearful his crew would over throw his leadership, agreed to land.

They docked on the shore and set foot on land.  The walked up a large grass hill, and when they reached the top, Cristoforo Colombo drove the Italian flag into the ground and said, "This will forever be known as Pittston!"  The men cheered and screamed with joy.  To celebrate they cracked opened a fresh basket of tomatoes and started to indulge.

After a long night of drinking and celebrating, the men became intoxicated, and began to have a tomato fight.  The men laughed and threw tomatoes until they passed out.  The next morning Cristoforo Colombo and his crew gathered their things, and set foot on the ship.  Before they left, Cristoforo Colombo said, "This will forever be the Tomato Capital of the World."

They pulled the anchor up and well.... as they say, the rest is history.


10/12/2010 6:59AM
The Truth about Columbus Day
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10/13/2014 11:35AM
1942? lol
how about 1492
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