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Eric Petersen


The Silent Treatment...

     One of the reasons that I like the company of women so much is their amazingly contradictory nature. For instance: A woman will spend thirty minutes, minimum, to do her hair and makeup just to lie on the beach, she’ll go to a salon to get her hair cut because she’s “letting it grow”, but my true favorite is when a woman, who is by nature is more talkative than a man, will use the silent treatment to during an argument… wow!

    There are many reasons to use the silent treatment: to force an apology, to stop an escalating argument,  but if I had to guess what the true motive behind it’s use is, I’d say that the silent treatment is a tool used as a last ditch effort to dominate a situation, in the face of eminent failure.

     Growing up as an only child I will admit to having been spoiled, but I wasn’t a brat. I do however know a lot of brats, I also have dated my fair share of them, and one thing that they all have in common is the frequent and consistent use of the silent treatment.

     The evolution of human interaction from cave drawings to our now superior linguistics is staggering, and choosing not to use it on purpose is immature, insecure and should result in the user being treated as just such a person. Any smart woman, anywhere, need not use adolescent tactics in place of proper communication to provoke a successful end result.

     I will admit to having been the recipient of several doses of the silent treatment in the past and I can tell you that I no longer tolerate it. So, if you choose (incorrectly) that you don’t want to talk to me… I will gladly accommodate you, richly.

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03/23/2010 8:09AM
The Silent Treatment...
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04/02/2010 10:09AM
silent treatment
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