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The Monatge Song of the Week!

Yes, every week for about the past year, I have found, what I believe is a good way to make the week go by faster.  Whats the secret?  Have a weekly theme song!  Find a song that you want to listen to everyday for a week straight, and think of it as your montage music.

Let me explain... I myself am a HUGE 80's buff, epically movies, and what is in EVERY 1980' s movie? A MONTAGE! You know what I'm talking about, the musical scene that takes place when the character seems like he is a loss cause,  training and getting pumped for a big event, or even if the cast of characters are building some stupid robot or cleaning some kind of warehouse.

If you are feeling really crazy, like myself, then you can even pick TWO musical montages for your week.  Because if your not aware, almost all 80's movies have TWO montages!  If your unfamiliar with musical montages, or 80's movies, or you think I'm absolutely insane, just try and follow me.

Lets take my week for example.  Come Monday, I wasn't feeling too great, and through the week might take too long, and thus this bummed me out.  Throughout the week I was having some troubling times, so to help me out I picked my first musical montage song for the week, a sad song: Jolene by Dolly Parton.  The song is sad, miserable, and depressing.  Take a listen...Jolene

Granted this song is about a woman losing her man to another woman, and I understand that, but before you get all these thoughts about Crockett, let me explain...again.  Miss. Parton here, has true sadness embedded within her voice.  The misery she bellows out, is comparable to how I was feeling to the upcoming week.

As the week went on, I was finding myself down in the dumps, UNTIL yesterday.  A spark of new life filled my body, I felt stronger, powerful, more confident!  At that exact moment I knew this week would end up being great, and then it hit me.... THE SECOND MUSICAL MONTAGE!

A song that has all those feelings, buried deep within the vocal range, and when I listened to that song, I knew this was the motivational montage.  Have a listen to the second montage by 80's metal band, MANOWAR: Fighting the World

So listeners of the Wake Up Call and Froggy 101, go into next week, with a new outlook on the week, try and find the perfect montage music, if you know your going to have a great week, then you really only need one, but don't stop at one or two, go crazy and have as many as you want!  Glad I could help!


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09/10/2010 6:12AM
The Monatge Song of the Week!
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