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Eric Petersen


The "Hit & Run"!

Have you ever had a coworker hit your car and then not tell you?

The very same week that I bought my truck I noticed that I had a dent in my door and I had no clue how it happened.

I traced back every place my car had been and who I had parked beside and it came down to the guy that works on a morning shift here in the building!

What do I do?
Do I call all the people on that shift out?
Do I go to corporate?

 I did change parking in my "usual" space, but that didn't fix the dent. I hate some people. Ha!

Monday morning at 7:15 we will ask you if you (like me) have ever been a victim of a "Hit & Run"!

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05/31/2013 12:12PM
The "Hit & Run"!
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06/02/2013 1:27PM
I had the same thing happen to me, I just got my car back from being fixed from a car accident all nice and then come out of work and a Co-worker was parked next to me and must have hit my car with there car door getting out, but didn't notice until I got home so I couldn't prove it
06/02/2013 1:59PM
The "Hit & Run"!
My husband had a hit and run. It was a rainy night and he was stopped at a red light and a car coming the opposite direction hit his truck on the drivers side, cutting the turn too sharp, spinning his truck into the other lane. He had to have the entire bedside replaced...the other car drove off, it was reported to police, but he was told "they probably won't be caught because they don't have enough resources to locate the driver, and since you weren't injured ??? !!!...$5K worth of damage later!
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